The Marketing Toolbox.


1001 Fonts.

Offers a huge choice of fonts.

Fonts also are part of your corporate design and should be chosen carefully.

Since some time ago font mix has been very trendy. If you use it make sure it does not dilute your branding.

1001 Free Fonts.

There cannot be too many fonts.

Therefore this is another portal I suggest you to check.


I only recently discovered this portal.

And I think it is worth a closer look.

Google Fonts.

Fonts for your Website.

Unlike the other fonts I introduced, Google fonts are not for download but can be embedded in your website.

The choice is really appealing; from the aspect of quality and quantity.

The usage of Google fonts does not require a Google account.

Lorem Ipsum.

Texts to test.

Sometimes you want to know what the font you choose looks like in a longer text.

Lorem Ipsum lets you generate text.


About the Tools.

License & Copyright.

Images. Video. Music.

Image Portals.

123 RF Stock Photos.

Stock photo is one of the largest portals for images.

In general you have to purchase a license. However, some pictures are free for certain purposes.

CG Textures.

Background Images.

CG textures offers a large choice of free images suitable for backgrounds since they are available in huge sizes.


Pexels is an image portal.

It offers a large choice of images free of charge.


This image database focuses on landscapes and people.

To me this platform is new but it is worth a look.


Pixabay is another image portal I frequently use.

It also offers an interesting choice of images free of charge.


Another image portal I'd like to present.

The description is the same as for the others. Sometimes we just need more than one source.

Subtle Patterns.

Subtle Patterns offer classy background images.

The name says it all. I recommend these backgrounds. They will seamlessly multiply throughout the section on your webpage you define.

The choice is constantly growing.

Video. Music.


Music for your videos.

Audiojungle has a large choice of music which you are allowed to use for your professional videos. The prices are very attractive.

Getty Images.*

Getty Images is a very big player in the market.

They create and distribute images, video content and music.

The prices for the images vary (depending on size, resolution and object)


Shutterstock offers images, videos and music.

The prices depend on the media as well as on the membership you buy.


About the Tools.

License & Copyright.


Wikimedia is the creative database of Wikipedia.

The choice of media (sound, images and videos) is really large. Although they are free you should watch the licenses; some images require referencing.


More Resources.

Image Database.

An image database makes your pictures retrievable.

If you blog or use social media a lot you automatically start taking and collecting images.

I upload my images on a Wordpress database that resides on a subdomain.


About the Tools.
License & Copyright.


A picture is worth a 1000 words. Imagine how many words a video might be.

If you need a short video to explain something you will find freelancers on Fiverr. Although not everybody is Einstein, there are really good designers.

Have a look here.

Software. Tools.


Adobe Creative.*

The Adobe Suite is - at least in my mind - the Rolls Royce of creative design software.

However, it has become very expensive since you have to lease the software in bundles.


GIMP is a graphic editing software.

It is open source which means it is free of charge.

Moroever, it is available for Windows and Apple.

E-Commerce with Saleswin.

Saleswin. 6 Reasons to Boost your Online Business.

There are at least 6 reasons to buy Saleswin.


Read more about Saleswin. Click here.


E-Book Reader.*

E-book readers are extremely useful devices.

They allow you to keep your electronic documents (e-books or pdf) at a single place.

Since they are easy to carry and therefore ideal for electronic newspapers, too.

E-Card Tool.*

E-Cards «made to measure» with your image and your logo.

E-Cards will draw more visitors on your website and the tool is seemlessly implemented. They also give your marketing something extra.

Althought the website is in German the tool can be configured in almost any language.

E-Mail Protection.

Protect your e-mail address from spam.

If you enter your e-mail address into this tool it will return a code which you put in your website.

While the address will still open the visitor's e-mail programme when humans click on it bots will have a hard time harvesting your address for spam purpose.

Favicon Generator.

The favicon is the small logo you see in your browser at the top of the page.

You can upload your own logo as a .jpg or a .png file and the tool will convert it.

Tip: The favicon will look at its best when your image is square.

Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is essential if you want to watch the traffic on your website.

The tool gives you very detailed insight on where the users come from, how long they stay etc.

Just one word of caution: You need a Google account to use the tool. Make sure you really check which other services Google trys to link with it. Maybe you do not want all of them.

CRM easy.

Your newsletter list is in your control.

Newsletters allow you to speak to your clients and prospects directly.

CRM easy can read the RSS feed of your blog and sends the article as a newsletter; in your corporate design on the time and date you want.

It is also a professional and modern CRM tool with many useful features. You can test it free of charge. Made in Switzerland.

Snipping Tool.

Snipping Tool is included in Windows.

This extremely helpful tool has been part of Windows since Windows 7. It let's you cut anything from any document and you can save it as a .png-file.

I cannot remember how I lived without it :)

Test Environment.

Create a test environment.

Whenever you try something new or have a major upgrade a test environment is important. You want to keep your blog save.

You can host it on a subdomain.Your hosting company will install the software for you.

SEO. Social Media. Services.


Backlinks are important for your SEO.

This e-book contains a list of directories where you can register your blog for free.

Of course all the pages are linked so you can go directly from the book to the respective directory.

Teahon TCDM.*

Professional digital marketing and content creation.

Content is king; there is no doubt about that. However, content must be marketed.

Richard Teahon is a professional copy writer and an experienced digital marketer.

Other Services.

Color Voodoo.*

Know-how on Colours.

Before we recognize shapes we see colours. They have a great impact on our emotions and perception of things.

Color Voodoo offers traing units and e-books on this topic.


Charge your batteries.

Creating content, building a business etc. requires persistance and inspiration. I wrote a very short story about the adventures of a business woman by the name of Flora.

I used images from an old family album.


Colour Codes. RGB, Pantone, CMYK.

On this platforms you can convert colour codes without the help of a graphic tool.


About the Tools.
License & Copyright.


Your business deserves a professional webdesign.

Nowadays a website must be responsive and look good on mobile devices, too.

Maybe you want to change your content by yourself. In this case you need an easy to handle and professional CRM-system.

Worldservice can help you there. The website is in German but they speak English and your website can be in almost any language.




Wordpress is the most frequently used platform for blogging.

The company claims to drive one third of all websites world-wide.


Wordpress Themes.

Wordpress offers tousands of layouts; so called themes.

In order to manage the sheer volume use the filters they offer.

All information about blogging are based on Wordpress.

Please scroll down to discover them.

Security & Performance.


Akismet is a musthave for your blog's health.

When you blog you want people to leave comments. Unfortunately there is a lot of spam out there and you will get comments that are not related to your post but only made to create links to all sorts of products. Akismet protects you from this. The product is top quality at a minimum price.

W3 Total Cache.

Caching tools are supposed to shorten the response time of your blog.

Wordpress is often a bit slow. Caching tools can improve this.

You always should test them in a test environment since the results are not always predictable.

Gator Cache.

Gator Cache is another caching tool I used on certain blogs.

NEVER use more than one caching tool at the time.

Audience Management.

Comment Reply.

Reply to your audience.

When you as a blog owner reply to a comment, an e-mail will be sent to the user so he or she knows you care. This will allow the users to follow up the comment and expand the conversation.

If you host directly with Wordpress you do not need this plugin.

Simple Author Box.

Simple Author Box is a Wordpress plugin.

If you have different authors on your blog or guest posts this tool comes in handy.

It lets you create a profile for each writer and has many configurable options.

User Avatar.

User Avatar is a Wordpress plugin.

Not everyone who leaves a comment on your blog has a profile on Gravatar so their avatar will appear automatically.

This plugin offers a "guest avatar" for those unknown to Gravatar. I customized mine according so my «guests» have a special appearance..

Of course you can use it for your own avatar, too.


Lightbox PopUp.

Sometimes you need a popup box.

Let's say you have a new book or a newsletter that you want people to notice. A lightbox can be configured to pop up when the website opens.

There is also a pro version. It is inexpensive and the support of is impeccable.

Search Exclude.

Search Exclude is a Wordpress plugin that lets you hide certain posts or pages.

Blogs have a built-in search function that allows readers to search for articles and topics.

However, you might want to run a contest. So the solution should not be searchable. You can hide pages individually by means of this plugin.

Category Management.

Category Management sorts the images in your Wordpress database.

I run an image database. Without somehow categorising the images I would not be able to retrieve them in a short time.

This Wordpress plugin is quite helpful.

Looking for something else?

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