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May I support you?

I have been consulting start-ups and SME's for several years.

Having founded, managed and successfully sold my own comapny, I can relate to the marketing challenges a start-up faces.

Typically, the budget is limited and therefore it is crucial to invest the money wisely.


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This is how I can serve your business

  • Develop a go-to-market strategy
  • Develop a (digital) marketing strategy
  • E-Commerce & Digitising your services
  • Develop your corporate identity
  • Make sure the visitors of your website have a good customer experience
  • Develop your branding
    • Style guide, logo, mission statement etc.

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Resources for Blogging and Online Marketing

I have been blogging for years and I know that one needs images, services etc.

My toolbox is a collection of services and tools I tested. I am still using the majority of them.

Access the toolbox right here.

License & Copyright

Most of the resources you find in the toolbox offer a free version. The resources marked with * have no free services.

However, it might only be free under certain circumstances; depending on the use.

Please ALWAYS read the license agreement and act accordingly.

Of course the links and information are free to use.

Access the toolbox right here.