Italian Shoes.

«Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.»

Marilyn Monroe

Opening Soon.


Italian Shoes of top brands are on their way.

They will be shipped via Amazon. Just allow me some more weeks :)

This list shows the category of shoes we are talking about.

Albert | Aquazurra | Carshoe | Church's | Dsquared | Elisabetta Franchi | Graziano Maggio | Roger Vivier | Simona Barbieri | Tod's

On Sustainability.

Stylish Marketing.

«The medium is the message.»

Marshall McLuhan

This is the title of a very famous book.

No matter if you blog, write epic texts, invent a slogan or create a newsletter; you need images, fonts, graphic programmes, videos or music.

47 Tools and Services worthwhile.

If you need support please contact me.

About Me.

I am all about design, style and beautiful things in general; a hedonist so to speak.

On the other hand I am also an entrepreneur at heart.

Having built and successfully sold an IT consultancy I am now building the brand Stilettissimo under which I sell finest Italian shoes.

Just allow me some time to set everything up and start my Amazon shop. :)

I am also in Digitalisation and IT.

Thanks to my training and experience in information technology I am tech savvy and I specialise in digitalisation.

For details about my educational and professional background please click here or refer to my LinkedIn profile.


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I do all the graphic design and the website programming myself. However, sometimes my imagination is stronger than my programming skills.

I thank Daniel Haug from WorldService for the support he provides me whenever I manage to get myself in such a situation again.


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