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Italian Shoes online.

«Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.»

Marilyn Monroe

Stilettissimo Stands for exclusive Italian Shoes.

We ship world-wide.

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On Sustainability.

Marketing with Style.

«The medium is the message.»

Marshall McLuhan

This is the title of a very famous book.

No matter if you blog, write epic texts, invent a slogan or create a newsletter; you need images, fonts, graphic programmes, videos or music.

47 Tools and Services worthwhile.

If you need support please contact me.

About Me.

I am all about design, style and beautiful things in general; a hedonist so to speak.

On the other hand I am also an entrepreneur at heart.

Having built and successfully sold an IT consultancy I am now building the brand Stilettissimo under which I sell finest Italian shoes.

Just allow me some time to set everything up. :)

I am also in digitisation and IT.

Thanks to my training and experience in information technology I am tech savvy and I specialise in digitalisation.

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I do all the graphic design and the website programming myself. However, sometimes my imagination is stronger than my programming skills.

I thank Daniel Haug from WorldService for the support he provides me whenever I manage to get myself in such a situation again.