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I am Brigitte Kobi and all about digitalisation, communication, style and design. I showcase my knowledge about these topics on my lifestyle blog Leadership&Lipstick.

My experience in digitalization, marketing and branding as well as my passion for all things that bring beauty and luxury to people's lives, give me the insight of how to create an emotional digital experience that sells.

The combination of my degrees in philosophy and communication science plus my professional experience makes my skillset quite unique.

On this site you will find an overview. If you feel I could be of support please do not hesitate to contact me.

P.S. I deem myself a person with a good sense of humour. Click on my portrait to get a first impression.



Academic Degrees.

  • Master ETH | ETH Zurich History and Philosophy of Knowledge
  • B.A. University of Lucerne Communication Science & Philosophy
  • Commercial Diploma Handelsschule Weinfelden (Commercial school)


I am fluent (verbally and written) in

  • German (also Swiss German)
  • English
  • French


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Professional Certificates.

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Core Competences.


I am passionate about (digital) communication which might be the reason why I am fluent – verbally and written – in German, English and French.

Besides a degree in communication science I possess sound and fact-based presentations skills throughout all hierarchy levels. Moreover, I am social media savvy, and and an avid writer and blogger.


Digitalisation is one of the topics that are everywhere and every industry is facing this challenge.


Let's take your clients online.




Marketing & Branding.
Business Development.


I am an entrepreneurial thinking person and therefore I know what it takes to bring a unique idea to the market and successfully designed and implemented marketing concepts and a social media strategies for start-up companies, including my own.

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Leadership & Lipstick




pilum gmbh





Change & Project Management.

I am a firm believer in the necessity of change to ensure that companies are able to adapt to customers' needs and remain successful. I am adept at aligning technology with a company's processes in order to ascertain their competitive edge.

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Analytical Skills.
Problem Solving & Consulting.

My studies of philosophy taught me to systematically analyse coherences. Therefore, I appreciate the challenge of analysing issues and to efficiently build plans and strategies by involving stakeholders at every stage the process.





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Areas of Expertise.


In this section you find my skills and the industries I have experience with in alphabetical order.


Banking. Energy Supplier. Financial Services. Information Technology. International Trading. Lifestyle. Logistics. Management Consulting. Media. Pharmaceutical Industry. Software Producer. Technology Consulting. Telecommunication.


Branding. Business Development. Contract Negotiations. Customer Consulting. Customer Relationship Management. Design. Digitalisation. General Business & Commercial know-how. Information Technology. International Project Management. IPMA. Logistic & Transportation. Marketing. Networking. PMI. Presentation Skills. PRINCE2. Project Turnaround. Sales. Solution Architecture. Stakeholder Management (C-level). Strategy Building. Trade. Web Technologies.



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Professional Experience.

Marketing. Branding.
Business Development.
Leadership & Lipstick.

Creating an emotional online experience.


I am always excited if people have innovative businesses or business ideas and I love investing my time, creativity and skills to support their growth.

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Business Development. Coaching Business.


Branding. Executive Search.


Marketing & Branding. Metall Construction.


Business Development. Training.


Digitalisation. Project Lead.
International Consulting Company.

Lead of a large award-winning digitalisation transformation project that brings along substantial change for about 3000 users.

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Change & Project Management Services.
Pilum GmbH. Founder. Owner.

In 2008, I founded pilum gmbh a boutique that specializes in turnaround management and project management which I successfully sold in 2013.

By observing my clients' needs I developed and marketed a unique project rescue service that could be applied for various situations and companies.

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Lead Presales. Project Management.
Global IT Service Company.

For several years I worked for HP Switzerland in different roles.

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Brigitte Kobi | Zurich | Switzerland





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Although I have some know-how in web programming it would have been very difficult if not impossible to code some of the features built in this site without real professional help.

I'd like to thank Daniel Haug from WorldService who always gives me technical support in order to realize the fancy ideas I keep coming up with.